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Barsana: Security beefed up for Radha Ashtami

Mathura, Social Times. Security has been beefed up in Barsana town where maximum influx of pilgrims is expected on the occasion of Radha Ashtami, slated for September 14 officials said.

The entire area in Barsana has been divided into three zones and seven sectors with senior gazetted officers as incharge of each zone and sector, District Police Chief Gaurav Grover told reporters Sunday.

District Magistrate Navneet Singh Chahal has instructed officers to ensure fool-proof arrangements, he said.

A comprehensive traffic plan would come into force from Monday morning, officials said.

Efforts have been made to provide adequate parking on all entry points leading to Barsana, they said.

According to officials, round the clock duties at the temple have been allotted to ensure easy darshan' (visit) for pilgrims.

Pradeshik Armed Constabulary (PAC) has been deputed with police in plain clothes at strategic points to prevent incidents of chain snatching, pickpocketing and hooliganism, they said.

The two-day festival in Barsana will commence on September 13 in Ladli temple.

The residents of Nandgaon participate in various programmes, including Abhishekam early on September 14 at Ladli temple in Barsana, said Saurabh Goshwami, the priest of Ladli temple.

They would be given sweets specially ladoos when they go back to Nandgaon, the priest added.

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