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BJP 'Intimidating' Panchayat Poll Winners, To Pay In 2022: Akhilesh Yadav

Lucknow. Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav alleged that the elected members in the panchayat polls were receiving threats from the BJP that was abusing power to conspire against the system.

BJP has never respected democracy, he said in a statement, adding that after its defeat in panchayat elections, the saffron party was conspiring against the democratic system.

The BJP's strategy of intimidating elected members and misusing power through inducements is a sign of malafide intentions. The BJP will have to pay for it in the in the 2022 assembly polls, he said. Yadav further attacked the BJP for its "faulty policies" that failed the country in COVID 19 management.

Some people were taking opportunity of the disastrous situation and the general public was bearing the brunt of it, he said.

He stressed that the infection was now fast spreading in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, which were vulnerable due to their weak health infrastructure.

Noting that Delhi High Court Tuesday slammed the BJP-led central government for failing to fulfill the responsibility of managing oxygen tankers, he also said they failed to curb black marketing of cylinders and medicines.

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