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DU admissions to start online from today

New Delhi, Social Times. The Delhi University will commence admissions from Monday under the first cut-off list and the process is completely online this year, like the last time, with the varsity asking students not to come to the campus.

The university announced the first cut-off list on October 1. Now, the admission process will start on Monday and go on till October 6.

Professor Rajeev Gupta, Chairman of the university's Admissions Committee, advised students against applying within the first hour of commencement of the admission process and the last few hours, when the admission process is going to end, since that is the time when there is maximum traffic on the portal.

"We are giving adequate amount of time to students to apply and pay the fees. So they should be careful and not be in a hurry. Students should review the situation before cancelling the admission. The seats are limited and cut-offs are quite high so if they have got admission in a college, they should not cancel it," he said.

Nearly 70,000 seats are up for grabs with eight colleges pegging cent per cent cut-offs for 10 courses.

The DU has issued guidelines for Monday when aspirants will apply for admissions to the university.

According to the guidelines, the candidate is allowed to choose only one programme in a college during a particular cutoff, and selecting multiple programmes and colleges in a particular cutoff is not permitted.

"No change in the chosen programme + college will be permitted during a particular cutoff. Selection of programme + college can be made only through the candidate's own dashboard. No physical visit is required to colleges/university during the admission process," the guidelines state.

On receiving the application, the colleges verify it along with the uploaded documents to approve or decline the candidature. The colleges verify the documents uploaded by the candidate for eligibility and meeting the required cut-off.

Verification of documents is done at various stages by colleges -- programme or teacher incharge of the respective colleges will verify the minimum qualifications and cut-off requirement. Then the admission convenor rechecks and approves or rejects the candidature and finally, the principal approves or rejects the candidature.

"In case of lack of necessary documents, candidate will be contacted on their registered email id/phone by the respective college so that the same may be provided directly to the college. All colleges will designate an email-id for receiving documents/clarifications from the candidates. In case the candidate does not respond, or where documents remain insufficient till the specified date/time, the candidature will be rejected by citing the reason," according to the guidelines.

The university assured that no application will be left undecided and it will either be approved or rejected (citing reason) by the college principal.

"In case any candidate is not satisfied with the reason for rejection (as given by the college), a grievance may be registered with the College Grievance Redressal Committee through e-mail available on the website of the respective college," the guidelines said.

Once the candidate has taken admission after paying fees, they will have to sign an online declaration stating that the information provided by them is correct.

"In case any information provided by me is found to be false and/or is not supported by the documents presented by me, I understand that the admission will be immediately cancelled and no fees will be refunded. I shall abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by the University and the College," read the declaration.

The uploaded documents will be verified physically by colleges within the stipulated time period as and when notified by the university.

If at any stage, it is found that the information given by the candidate is "false/incorrect/fabricated/ing nue and/or is not supported by the documents presented", the admission will be immediately cancelled without a fee refund.

"Although within a specific cutoff, a candidate is not allowed to change his/her programme and college once applied, if in subsequent cutoff lists, she/he may apply as insuring her/his eligibility and programme and college cutoff.

A candidate who 'applied' in any cut-off and for whom the admission was 'Approved by Principal' in a particular programme+college but did not pay the fees and wish to seek admission in any subsequent cut-off will have to "cancel" his/her previously approved application and re-apply for a programme + college combination and repeat the process. A non-refundable cancellation fee of Rs 1,000 will be levied," state the guidelines.

Candidates who had applied in a cut-off but their application was "rejected" in that cutoff list will be considered as fresh candidates.

After the fifth cut-off, the seats vacant for each programme in colleges will be displayed on the website of the university.

"Candidates who could not seek admission or had cancelled their admission in any of the college of the university during any of the preceding cut-offs for any reason till the fifth cut-off (including special cut-off) and were, therefore, not admitted but meet any of the preceding cut-offs, shall be considered for admission under the special drive, provided seats are available in the said category," the guidelines said.

Candidates who have secured admission in any of the five cutoffs will not be allowed to participate in the special drive.

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