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Lalitpur: Priyanka meets families of the aggrieved farmers

Brutality of the government is at its peak: Gandhi

Lucknow, Social Times. On Friday Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Pali village of Lalitpur and met the families of the aggrieved farmers and shared their grief. She said that the Congress party would pay the debt of the deceased farmer's family. Bundelkhand is facing acute shortage of fertilisers. The farmer of Pali Bhogi Pal and weaver Mahesh Kumar, were in que of fertilizer for several days, they did not get the fertiliser died while in the line for fertiliser. Farmers Soni Ahirwar and Bablu Pal were upset due to non-availability of fertiliser and committed suicide. All these farmers have huge debt and were troubled by problems like crop failure and non-payment of compensation. Priyanka Gandhi shared their grief by meeting the family members. Priyanka Gandhi said that this problem is not new, despite the death of four farmers the condition has not changed in the entire Bundelkhand. The brutality of the government is at its peak. Earlier in Lakhimpur, the son of the Union Minister of State for Home had crushed the farmers, and that minister is still in office. How can a fair investigation be conducted while the father is a minister? The condition of the farmers of Bundelkhand is worrying, the farmers there are struggling to feed their families, it is heartbreaking to hear their problems. Farmers are deep in debt due to the policies of the BJP government. Fertilizer is not available, electricity is not available but electricity bills have to be paid. Under the protection of the government and officials, black marketing of fertilizers is being done, due to which farmers are not getting fertilizers, it must be investigated. Gandhi said that when the Congress government will be formed in Uttar Pradesh, the support price of wheat and paddy will be at the rate of Rs.2500 and 400 for sugarcane and their debts will be written off. Priyanka bowed her head in the court of Mother Maa Pitambara Shakti Peeth in Datia and offered prayers, and wished for the prosperity of Uttar Pradesh.