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NPPA fixes price caps for 12 anti-diabetic medicines

New Delhi. Drug price regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on Monday said it has fixed the ceiling prices for 12 anti-diabetic generic medicines, including glimepiride tablets, glucose injection and intermediate acting insulin solution.

In a tweet, the drug price regulator said, "To make it possible for every Indian to afford medical treatment against diseases like diabetes, NPPA has initiated a successful step by fixing the ceiling prices of 12 anti-diabetic generic medicines."

These include glimepiride tablet of strength 1 mg, with ceiling price at Rs 3.6 per tablet, while that for 2 mg is Rs 5.72 per tablet.

The ceiling price of 1 ml glucose injection of 25 per cent strength has been fixed at 17 paise, while that of 1ml of insulin (soluble) injection of strength 40IU/ml is Rs 15.09.

Similarly, 1 ml of intermediate acting (NPH) solution insulin injection of strength 40 IU/ml has a ceiling price of Rs 15.09, and that of 1 ml of premix insulin 30:70 injection (regular NPH) injection of strength 40 IU/ml is also Rs 15.09.

NPPA further said the ceiling price of metformin immediate release tablet of strength 500 mg has been fixed at Rs 1.51 per tablet, while that of 750 mg strength is at Rs 3.05 per tablet and 1,000 mg strength at Rs 3.61 per tablet.

For metformin control release tablet of strength 1000 mg, the ceiling price is Rs 3.66 per tablet, NPPA said, adding the same for 750 mg strength is Rs 2.4 per tablet and Rs 1.92 per tablet for metformin control release tablet of strength 500 mg.

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