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Patna recently reported four cases of white fungus; know what it is

Patna. Amid the on-going second wave of the deadly COVID-19 disease, the country recently reported a spike in rare fungal infection called black fungus (Mucormycosis) cases. And now, adding to the trouble, the capital of Bihar, Patna recently reported four cases of white fungus.

How are the cases detected

According to a report, Dr SN Singh, head of the Microbiology, Department of PMCH who confirmed white fungus cases, said that all four patients showed all the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, but tested negative in every test. The doctor said that during a detailed investigation, it turned out that they were infected with white fungus.

However, all the patients as of now are completely fine after being administered the anti-fungal medicines.

According to health experts, White Fungus infection is more dangerous than black fungus infection as it not only affects the lungs but other parts of the body such as nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts and mouth. The black fungus infection is known to have a high mortality rate. Whether or not the white fungus is just as fatal is unknown.

Symptoms of White Fungus

According to doctors, the symptoms of this rare fungal disease are similar to coronavirus infection. As this attacks the lungs, the disease can be detected by performing HRCT test on an infected patient.

As with the black fungus infection those with low immunity are at a greater risk. People with pre-existing medical issues like diabetes or those on steroids for a long time are most likely to get infected with White Fungus.

Additionally, the white fungus infection may be risky for pregnant women and children, as per reports. Hence, proper emphasis should be laid on sanitization and cleaning of supplies, environment, since molds can be directly inhaled by a suspected patient.

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