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Shahjahanpur youth trapped in Afghanistan

Shahjahanpur, Social Times A youth from shajahanpur is trapped in Afghanistan and awaiting return to his native place.

Jeet Bahdur Thapa (30), a resident of Chinaur here, had gone to Afghanistan for job two-and-a-half-years ago.

He worked as a helper at a company in Kabul.

"When the Taliban captured Afghanistan, they ordered 111 Indians to leave the company, after which all Indians walked 30 km to the embassy of a country, whose name he is not sure, Thapa's sister Santoshi Thapa told PTI.

"In a telephonic conversation, he appeared very scared. He did not get food for two days. Today, he got food. He talks only for a minute and on the phone speaker all family members hear his voice. It appears that my brother is crying there," she said.

She said there are eight members in their family.

"No one has slept in our house for the past four days. We remain awake in the night, praying to God for his well-being and safe return," she said.

BJP MP Arun Sagar told PTI over the phone that he is aware that a youth is trapped in Afghanistan and has spoken to the Delhi authorities in this regard.

"The youth, Jeet Bahadur Thapa, will return safely," he said.

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