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Two Rohingyas arrested for living illegally

Ghaziabad (PTI) . Two Rohingyas were arrested for allegedly living illegally in India, Uttar Pradesh Police said on Tuesday.

The UP Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), which made the arrests in Ghaziabad on Monday, said one of the arrested Noor Alam is the mastermind who brought Aamir Hussain into India via Bangladesh illegally.

"At around 6 pm on June 7, UP ATS arrested Noor Alam alias Rafiq and Aamir Hussain from Ghaziabad, the ATS said in the statement.

Alam had assured Hussain that he will get him a fake Indian passport, it added.

Both Alam and Hussain are residents of Rakhine State in Myanmar, the ATS said.

While Alam was living in Meerut, Hussain was living in Shriram Colony, Khajuri Khas in Delhi, the statement said.

The ATS said it recovered a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) card and Rs 4,800 from Hussain. While a UNHCR card, Rs 65,680, mobile phone, Aadhar card and PAN card were recovered from Alam, it added.

"The arrested accused will be produced in a court and taken on police remand so that information from them about their other associates can be retrieved," the statement said.

The ATS also said it had arrested Ajijullah, a Rohingya, on January 6 and registered a case under the Indian Penal Code, the Passport Act and the Foreigner's Act against him. Since the arrest of Ajijullah, the UP ATS was on the lookout for his brother-in-law Noor Alam alias Rafiq, the statement said.

Alam was the mastermind, who had brought all the arrested Rohingyas to India, the ATS said.

The Rohingyas are a Bengali-dialect speaking Muslim minority in Myanmar. Following persecution in their country, many of them entered India illegally through Bangladesh and took shelter in different parts of the country.

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